Shleppers Moving & Storage has partnered with Patriot Auto Transport to provide assistance moving cars from state to state. We strive to provide our customers with the best tools and resources to assist with interstate moving, and auto-transport is often a requirement. With Patriot Auto Transport, you get industry leading logistics, fair pricing, and excellent customer service.

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Shleppers: Funny Name, Serious Moving Skills LA Customers Grade Us A+!

What is “Shlep”?
Shlep (shlep) slang; rhymes with “pep.”
1. vt: to move; carry; lug (to shlep a sofa).
2. n: also, shlepper. A person who shleps.

Don’t shlep. Call Shleppers and let us shlep for you!



" I want to congratulate the team headed by Eddie and all the other guys who were absolutely amazing – so helpful and just wanting to please the client and see that we were happy and so professional. Congratulations for the job so well done. "

Mark and Apolonia Hopkins


"It was not stressful the men were very polite they made our moving experience non stressful My mother and I can’t walk so believe me the men were so helpful Also the great customer service by Erica She is wonderful Thank You all A very good experience."

Felisa N

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