Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the cost of disassembling and reassembling my furniture included in my move?

    Yes. Shleppers full service move price includes disassembly and reassembly basic furniture like beds, dining tables, kitchen tables and mirrors. Our teams perform this work daily, so they are experienced and efficient. We do not hang TV’s or install mechanical equipment like washing machines or dryers.

  • Does Shleppers move pianos?

    Yes. Famous musicians have trusted us with their instruments! Over many years in business, Shleppers has proudly moved pianos owned by John Lennon, Vanessa Williams and Kimora Lee Simons.

  • Do I have to unpack my dresser drawers?

    Dresser drawers must be unpacked prior to the move. The weight of clothing, books, and other items kept in drawers can double or triple the weight of a dresser, creating an unsafe situation for our movers. Shleppers company policy is to empty all drawers. If it’s just a few, very light linens, they can probably stay. We’ll help you decide during our on-site estimate. Do not leave valuables of any kind in your drawers.

  • What are some ways I can save money on my move?

    The best way to save money is to reduce the number of items you want moved. Dispose of items you don’t want or need any more prior to packing. Donate, have a garage sale, hire a junk remover–whatever works for you. The fewer things you have to move, the lower the cost will be. In long distance moves, customers are billed by volume, so reducing the volume of the shipment is the best way to reduce your price.

    Another factor that allows you to save money on your move is your moving date. Moving companies are busiest during the first and last week of every month. Avoiding these times may help you get a better rate.

  • My stuff was picked up a long time ago and I haven’t heard anything from Shleppers. When will I get my stuff?

    This is the most common question we get from our long distance customers.

    Long distance moves are shipments that make many stops. The route they take is never the same, because it’s determined by the destinations of the shipments. Accordingly, we do not know when your items will be delivered until the delivery date approaches, which is why we book the job with a delivery window. When we give you this window, we mean it!

    We will not contact you until we have information to share. We will call you when we do. You will be notified when your items are loaded onto the delivery truck, and then the driver or main office will also be in touch as the shipment gets closer to your destination. This is not a local delivery, where the driver comes at a precise time. It is a long distance shipment for which you need to be available.

    Because of this window, please make sure that you do not ship anything you need. Make sure you have a place to sleep, that you’ve packed your medications and valuables, etc. There is nothing we can do to speed up a shipment, so it’s important that you take anything you need while waiting for delivery with you.

  • Timing of Long Distance Deliveries

    When it comes to long distance deliveries, it’s important to remember that it takes time to drive a truck from one state to another, or across the country. In addition to the driving time, in our industry drivers must unload items into our customers homes, and we never know exactly how long that will take since no two jobs are the same.

    So many things can come up, like in any transportation industry: sometimes there is bad weather, and other times, mechanical issues that can cause unexpected delays. We have seen it all.

    Because there are so many variables, moving companies provide a delivery window rather than an exact delivery date. In other words, we tell you that your items will arrive within a certain time frame so that your expectations are well managed. If you need a specific delivery date, we may be able to arrange that for you by delivering your goods to a location nearby and storing them there until you need them, but this is not the normal case.

    Of the few unhappy customers we have, the overwhelming majority of them are frustrated by the delivery window. Since there is no other option, we like to make it as clear as possible that this is how it works so that expectations are well managed. If customers call for delivery updates, we often will not provide any further guidance unless the items are on their way to their destination. Providing guidance prior to that is unreliable and we’ve found it does more harm than good.

  • Does Shleppers dismount and remount TVs from the walls?

    Our crews will dismount your TVs in order to transport them to your destination. We do not mount TVs.

  • I want to do the packing myself. Where do I get moving boxes from?

    One of our sales people can assist you with finding packing materials. Strong moving boxes protect your valuables so that they don’t get damaged while they’re being moved. If you need moving boxes, let your sales representative know. They’ll help you determine the size and number of boxes you need for your move. Keep in mind, our movers can pack your boxes for you incredibly fast, and when we do it, the contents are covered by our valuation coverage. Boxes packed yourself are not covered.

  • What’s the best way to pack hanging clothes?

    You have two options when it comes to moving your hanging clothes:

    • Option one is to have Shleppers pack these garments for you. On moving day, Shleppers will pack your hanging clothes in free rental wardrobe boxes. At the destination, we ask that you unpack these boxes and return them to the movers.
    • Option two is to purchase the wardrobe boxes in advance. This gives you the opportunity to pack your closet in advance, per your own preferences, and because you get to keep the boxes, take all the time you want to unpack.
  • I’ve heard horror stories about last-minute surprise moving fees. Will the price of my move change on move day?

    Shleppers is a top local and relocation company because we’re up front and honest about how we do business. As part of our process, Shleppers provides you with a binding price. As long as there are no changes to the scope of the move—for example, a last-minute decision to add a piano or several pieces of furniture to the move—that binding price is what you’ll pay. And if those last-minute changes have to happen, your sales representative or foreman will make sure you know the price ahead of time so you’re never surprised!

    In short, our binding prices are as binding as they are accurate. Assuming we’ve gotten the list right, our goal is for the price to remain the same. Changes in price only come from material changes to the scope of work. For local moves, we also offer hourly rate services.

  • Long Distance Deliveries & Carriers

    Shleppers Moving & Storage handles thousands of long distance moves every year.

    We are not brokers. Moving brokers make money by booking long distance moves, and then selling those contracts to a moving company. Usually, you can tell if it’s a broker by the amount of money they look to collect upon booking–there goal is to collect a significant deposit upfront.

    With a direct mover like Shleppers, it works differently. We do not sell the job and remain responsible for you as our customer from start to finish. We use combinations of our own employees and outside contractors in order to facilitate moves for our customers, as does every moving company that handles interstate transport. There is no moving company that has a fleet of trucks going everywhere all the time. This is impossible. So much like in the airline industry, we work with other carriers in order to expedite deliveries. For our customers, the experience is seamless: Shleppers is the only company you need to deal with from start to finish.

    We also make deliveries using our own fleets as well. However, using carriers allows us to service customers better by expanding our capacity and the frequency of trips. This is how all interstate moving companies work unless they decide to limit their destinations for deliveries. With many years of experience, we work with the best carriers in the industry and are always looking to establish new relationships to assist us in providing excellent service.


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