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Moving Cross Country or out of state is affordable and easy with Shleppers Moving & Storage’s Long Distance Moving options. We offer a variety of services to suit all types of moves and budgets.

With Shleppers Long Distance moving services, we assist you with packing, shipping, and coordinating everything you need:

Standard Interstate Moving:

Our standard moving service for interstate moves is the most affordable option available. We will pick up, wrap, protect, and pack whatever items you desire and designate, and deliver them anywhere in the United States. We make this affordable by combining multiple customers’ deliveries into one shipment, so that the costs are spread out as much as possible. Many customers do not have enough items to fill up an entire truck, so our Standard Moving Option is an excellent choice for less than full truck loads to get shipped out of state at an affordable price.

Dedicated Delivery Service:

For customers that have larger shipments or that want an expedited service, our Dedicated Delivery service is the way to go. Like with our standard service, this includes all the labor, materials, gas, and handling that comes in our Standard Moving Option.

This service, though, is a dedicated truck, meaning only your items are loaded on a truck that goes directly to your delivery and with a smaller and more specific delivery window. With this service, you pay for your own truck, and get the benefits of a specific delivery date and faster turnaround time. No waiting, the truck is all yours.

Both services are great, and we are glad to offer multiple options to handle your moving needs and budget. Our Relocation consultants are available and happy to discuss your move with you to determine the best choice for your needs and budget.


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  • Rodolfo, Richard and their teams were incredible to help us move. They arrived early and worked efficiently throughout the day for our local move. They were extremely careful and made... Read More

    Lara Pullan Regev

    Eddie, Lupe, and Jeffrey were punctual, efficient, kind, and treated my things with care. They were very quick and met all my expectations! I highly recommend.

    Emily Carr

    Excellent moving company. On time, professional, very thorough. I would recommend Shleppers to anyone needing professional movers. I guarantee there isn't a moving company doing a better... Read More

    Ross Benson
  • I used to work for a moving company in the East Coast; Eddie and his crew far exceeded my expectations. They were on time and got to work immediately.... Read More

    Rommel Herrera

    Hugo, Chris and Jeffrey were amazing! They were fast and efficient and made the whole moving process very easy. Would absolutely recommend!

    Ashton Parker

    Jesse is the absolute best! Super easy to work with and the job seamless.

  • Great experience with Eddie, Rupe, and Raul for a move and short term storage.

    Annie Turner

    Excellent service. Each if the movers was kind, patient, diligent. Thank you for the help and Merry Christmas!

    Troy Armand

    Eddie and crew did an amazing job.

    renee wolf
  • If you need hard-working, professional, and trustworthy movers, then you have come to the RIGHT PLACE!! Our moving team was incredible!

    Melissa Karl

    We hired this company to move a house full of stuff. Jesse and his team are simply amazing! They took the headache out of the process and worked really hard... Read More

    Zoiya Tate

    Amazing! This is an understatement for sure. Moving is extremely stressful and I was moving to Florida. The movers were so helpful and very respectful of my... Read More


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" I want to congratulate the team headed by Eddie and all the other guys who were absolutely amazing – so helpful and just wanting to please the client and see that we were happy and so professional. Congratulations for the job so well done. "

Mark and Apolonia Hopkins


"It was not stressful the men were very polite they made our moving experience non stressful My mother and I can’t walk so believe me the men were so helpful Also the great customer service by Erica She is wonderful Thank You all A very good experience."

Felisa N

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