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Moving long-distance or out of state requires time, preparation, and yes, expense. We are here to help you save on all of the above with a list of the most useful long-distance moving tips.

Before we get into the tips, let’s start with a brief introduction to how long-distance moving prices are calculated. The price of a long-distance move is largely based on the volume (or weight) of the shipment. The volume unit we use in the industry is cubic feet, which is just the length, width, and height of your shipment multiplied together, giving cubic feet. This ends up being how your items are loaded into a truck.

Accordingly, the price of your move is largely based on the amount of space your goods take up on a truck. You may also require packing materials and/or services, and this is another cost that can be material depending upon what needs moving.

You can save with these few tips:

  1. This tip is by far the most important, and the hardest: do not ship items you don’t need. We get it, we love our things too, but when your moving long-distance, you want to bring only the items you plan to use.
  2. Keep things tidy: you may want to hire an organizer. They are great at coming into your home and finding the exact right place for your belongings, and they also tidy up and organize shippers in preparation for moves, making sure your boxes are labeled and packed properly. There are many great organizers.
  3. Hire a Junk Removal Company: when you are clearing out your home, you’ll come across many things that might be challenging to dispose. This is where Junk Removal companies come in handy. First, they can take away large items you don’t need (and that would be the expense to move out of state), and they also can properly recycle computers, batteries, chemicals, and other items that require sensitive handling.
  4. Leave plenty of time: starting early is key to keeping the stress level down. There is so much to do to prepare for an interstate move. Don’t leave it until the last minute.
  5. Get a detailed estimate: some companies will deliberate take cursory inventories, and this is a bad sign. By estimating an incomplete item list, it allows them to keep their OFFERING price down. Don’t fall for this; it’s the oldest trick in the dirty mover’s playbook. Instead, hire a professional company like Shleppers to give you an accurate inventory, thereby insuring an accurate price. We are so serious about this that we offer 1. Virtual Estimates where we go through your house with you on your smartphone, 2. In-Home estimates, where we go to your house and look things over, and 3. DIY inventory tools that allow you to create your own inventory and submit it to us for pricing.

We hope this list helps. Happy moving!

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